Wolf's Hwy D Self Storage 
3680 Highway D 
Defiance, Mo 63341
Auction February 13 @ 7:00 PM
Bidding will done by group texting
to auctioneers phone number. 573-760-9901
Bids will be final at 7pm or when bidding stops for more than two minutes after 7:00pm
Contact Sherrie if you are interested in bidding. 
Clean out in 48 hours after auction. 
Storage auction for
Wolf's Highway D Self Storage
3680 Highway D
Defiance, Mo 63341
Auction February 13 @ 7:00 PM

Unit is 12'x10'

Since it is only one unit the way bidding will happen is by text messaging with auctioneer from 6pm until 7pm on February 13th.

Contact me if you are interested in bidding BEFORE that day or time.
One group text message will be sent out to only interested bidders.
To enter your bid, type either your first name and last initial or first initial last name then your amount of bid  Example : Harry H $130 or H. Houdini $130.

Bids must be in at least $5 increments. No half dollars excepted, even dollar amounts only. Example $10.50 ❌. Must be $11.00. Bidding will end at 7pm or until no one bids for 5 minutes or until last two bidders, one announces "DONE". The time will be gauged by auctioneers time on phone. Sold will be announced and no bids taken after that.
No cut throats.

We have sold a few units over the years this way for this facility and this has been a simple way to do it. Not everyone phone shows group messages together that is why it is important you add your initials or name.

You will pay when you go to pick up unit, cash unless you make other arrangements with manager. Pick up in 48 hours and to clean out unless other arrangements are made with manager. Call prior to auction to make those arrangements.

Unit is a 12'x10'


 Terms of sale is cash unless other arrangement is made with managers. 636-398-5585