If you are looking at this page because you have seen the storage auction TV shows, you probably need to read the following. I will do my best to give you the reality of buying storage units.
First and foremost, these units are delinquent storage units. Not abandoned units, as the tv shows say. Owners of units that are available in auction have until auction time to pay for their units. Auctions are part of storage companies lien process required by law for them to empty a unit. Storage companies do not make a profit by having the auction. In most cases, they do not even come close to recovering the money owed to them. Auctions are a headache to storage companies and a reason that we take our clean out and behavior rules very seriously. If the auction clean out process also becomes a headache for them...we'll figure it out.
The reality of storage auctions is you buy a lot of normal household, every day time items. Sure, occasionally, you find "goodies" that are similar to what is shown in the TV shows. However, more often than not, it's normal stuff you already have plenty of in your own home. Such as mismatched dishes, clothes, pots and pans, old TVs, clothes, towels, sheets, clothes, Knick-knacks, old DVDs, and clothes. All the general items that you could find in any yard sale. Oh yeah, did I mention clothes? This overload of items can be difficult to get rid of and usually end up being a serious problem for some.
It is also amazing that people will store food in storage. We have actually found refrigerators with food still in them. You wanna talk nasty! That is actually more the norm. One out of five units will have food in them. Food in lockers mean mice, roaches, fleas, spiders and who knows what else. I highly recommend not using your home as a storage or sorting area. Storage companies spend a lot of money on pest control, but when you have people who store the food, it's impossible to be pest free.
So, if you are getting into buying lockers, consider the following....
-You will need a way to haul: truck, trailer, etc.
-You will want a dolly or "two wheeler" 
-You will always need a flashlight and broom
You will be amazed at the items that people do store. You will always wonder why people will store a dresser with drawers missing, a couch with missing cushions, why they don't wash dishes before boxing them..?? 
This is more the "norm" than what TV shows want you to believe. Remember this while watching the shows...if they weren't making "a killing" on the show, you wouldn't be interested. Also, most of the actors never actually show you someone buying the item, only what they say they can sell it for. Know before you buy your local selling market. Spend some time going to local re-sale shops, flea-markets, auctions. In my county, a washer is only worth about $125 - $150. In the neighboring county, they can get $200 for the same washer. Where does your neighborhood fit in? Determining this will help you determine your resale market, and therefore, your profit. 
​A word about attitude/aggression.... Another concern about the tv shows. The shows are showing a lot of extra drama that is not necessary. A in your face, cuss outs, and shoving attitudes. 
There will not be any of this at my auctions. I have a job to do and you are there to buy delinquent lockers. That's it. The next guy is there for the same reason. Grade school basics, if it would have gotten you in the principals office, don't do it. As a bidder, you will respect the auctioneer, the facility and manager, and other bidders. Leave the drama to the tv shows.
Be sure to pre-register for our next auction, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.
I look forward to meeting you at our next auction. 
Thank you, Sherrie